7 Best Short Throw Projectors Of 2020

We love to watch movies and other entertainment videos on television or Laptop/Computer. To experience the excellent sound system and large screen visual appearance we will go to a movie theater. So, why don’t we watch a movie with a large in our home? Yes, it is possible to watch a movie at your home and feel like a theater mode.

But all you need is a Short Throw Projector as these types of projectors will provide a vibrant picture with a bright light than the other types of projectors.

Short Throw Projectors are especially popular to watch movies and other entertainment-related videos to enjoy at our home or parties. In this world, we have many lists of projectors and these are used for many purposes. Among those, short throw projectors are for watching movies or our favorite shows to feel like watching in a theater.

The visual spaces are different when compared to the appearance of the video on a television. So, to select the best short throw projectors we have analyzed the list of things to be covered when we buy a projector for our home.

In the market, many projector companies provide short throw projectors and among those, we have some of them which are Best Short Throw Projectors 2020. When it comes to the visual experience, the short throw projectors are quite different from television so we have to consider Brightness, Resolution, Contrast Ratio, Inputs, and price.

If you want to project in a room but the light comes through the window and it will distract the viewing experience. Now, it’s better to choose the projector to handle the brightness of the image when light is produced in a room. This is because a projection of light is important to play a role in the quality to display the picture or video. The brightness is measured in lumens and if the projector is featured with several thousand in range for a home theater purpose.

Next, the resolution is to be considered when we talk about a short throw projector. We have to talk about the resolution in the projector in the form of bulbs but on a physical screen, we talk about pixels and lines. To understand easily about resolution it was listed on the projector.

To get high-quality visuals then the contrast ratio is important and if it is low in a picture quality means it has a low contrast ratio. The ratio must be in tens of thousands to ensure a great quality visual while displaying. To enjoy a movie in a home theatre mode, we have to connect with a projector and now the projector must have an HDMI connection.

This is like a receiver when we connect a laptop/computer to it and now it displays the picture on the wall or board. You have to check the price before you buy a projector for your home as some of them are expensive. Please, select the projector according to the features you need in your room. we also posted an article about Best Projectors Under $200

7 Best Short Throw Projectors Of 2020

Epson-LS100Epson LS100 Check Price On Amazon
VAVA-4K-Laser-TVVAVA 4K Laser TV Check Price On Amazon
Hisense-100L10EHisense 100L10E Check Price On Amazon
Optoma-GT5600Optoma GT5600 Check Price On Amazon
Ricoh-PJ-WX4130Ricoh PJ WX4130 Check Price On Amazon
LG-Electronics-HF85JALG Electronics HF85JA Check Price On Amazon
Optoma-CinemaX-ProOptoma CinemaX Pro Check Price On Amazon

1. Epson LS100

The joy of watching movies in a short-throw projector means you don’t need a large unit space. Epson LS100 is the Best Short Throw Projector which offers a laser projection when will placed on a wall. But you have to stick for a few centimeters away and the inputs will fulfill according to your needs which means it was included with HDMI, USB ports, VGA for a composite video.

It has a chunky remote control for operating this projector either in the office or at home. The setup of an Epson LS100 is pretty simple and can sit on a stable surface. The benefit of laser projectors is having a quick warm-up when the device starts to work.

When the image is visible, you can focus to make a pin-sharp and also to spend some time for a perfect level and square position. Yes, it is worthy to do it and not a difficult task and you also have the options horizontal or vertical for the adjustments through keystone.

After connecting it, if we want to impress with the results the projector is said to be stick with a Blu-ray player into the Cambridge audio. So, we can benefit the brightness of video with clear presence and it also offers to watch it in a fair bright light. As many of the projectors are not offer to watch the videos/images in lightroom.

There is a comfort with Epson LS100 while watching in a bright light environment.

There is no need to dim the lights to watch for a video because the working system is like a television. This means Epson LS100 is having the capability of watching movies or any other picture with comfort in light. This can serve us as a nice and clear image with every detail but even to get the best better to low the lights.

So, that you can view with more clarity and high-quality display of your picture when you prefer the lights down low. It has a consistent appearance of the color intensity to produce very bright and clear images after working for long hours. This does not offer a change in the bulb but can watch with a full HD image.

The color palette in Epson LS100 is very impressive because the visibility of skin tones is unbelievable but realistic. Because of the laser, you can observe the sound system is extraordinary with the presence of the image.

This projector is the best and competent to all other projectors because it has an ultra-short throw projector. The maintenance is low as it is involved with laser technology with convenience setup. If you are looking for a projector to carry then this is the right option either to your home or office or any other place.

As it is not suitable for the buyers who want a permanently placed projectors. No doubt this Epson LS 100 is perfect for home entertainment rooms that display extraordinary images or videos. This even permits for ideal darkroom and even for bright lights also.


  • Transcendent viewing experience
  • Ultra-bright laser technology
  • Deep Black contrast ratio
  • Advanced 3-chip design
  • Easy, flexible installation
  • Perfect for everyday entertainment and beyond
  • Dependable, long-life technology
  • 2,500,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio
  • It delivers vibrant colors, deep blacks, and detailed shades
  • The projected image has high brightness in both operation modes: normal and quiet
  • It uses a laser lighting source that is built to last for a long time (more than ten years), in normal use conditions (five hours a day)
  • It is a UST (Ultra Short Throw) projector, which means that you can place it very close to the display surface
  • It is silent when used in economy (quiet) mode
  • It offers all the connectivity ports you might need
  • At an average price of over 2500 US dollars, it is too expensive for most people
  • The Wi-Fi adapter is not included in the standard packaging (but it is available as an optional purchase)
  • It does not support 4K resolutions

2. VAVA 4K Laser TV

Everyone likes to watch movies on a big screen and don’t want to watch it on Television. But Television with a bigger screen is the most expensive and it also occupies a larger space to place it. Now, when it comes to watching movies on a large screen then projectors are the best choice.

Yes, you can watch your favorite movies and shows through a projector with high resolution and a big screen. So, VAVA 4K Laser TV is the Best Short Throw Projector experience a large screen. This the best replacement for Television for your living room.

VAVA 4K Laser TV Projector is comprised of DLP Laser and the output will come out with a high resolution. This is an affordable projector and looks great as it works more than like bulb-based units. It is an ultra-short throw projector that produces a high-quality video on a large screen for your living room or media room.

The major important thing is it has a safety feature that can turn off and on light instantly when the lens is detected in front of it. The brightness of VAVA 4K Laser TV is 2500 lumens and it was a smart projector that you can connect to the internet also.

It deals with home theatre setups with the inclusion of 3 ports of HDMI with USB and video-in-hook-ups. Overall, it has 9 ports throughout the projector in content sources and accessories. It does not need any external speaker for a high-quality sound system because it manages itself.

It is easy to connect either Bluetooth or wired audio and there is also a possibility of streaming content from your phone or Wi-Fi. The setup of VAVA 4K Laser TV is quite different from the other traditional display. The drawback is it does not have zoom control image size and the image size completely depends on the distance from the screen.

The menu system has different networking, streaming interface, and image controls. So, that you can watch any type of picture or videos with extreme focus screen. The focus can be set manually as it has the option of it in the process of setting up the device in your living or media room.

There is no other projector that can do the best things for the living room but when we talk about a home theatre system VAVA 4K Laser TV work on many things. It is suitable for anyone especially for a large-sized room to watch media or TV. You can watch it at night times your favorite movie with 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray.

This projector is like a family guy which means you can watch movies with all your family members. The most attractive nature of this projector is to not to worry about putting on a bulb because you can leave all day to watch continuously movies and stream music.

This is the most preferable projector as it provides to enjoy the binge on the big screen with top-notch quality. In the category of best short throw projector, VAVA 4K Laser TV is the pick to experience viewing on the big screen.


  • Solid build quality
  • Slick styling
  • Easy setup just beneath the screen
  • Ultra HD resolution with HDR10 support
  • Built-in 30-watt speaker
  • Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity with integrated Android TV user interface
  • Bright lamp maintains picture quality even in well-lit spaces
  • Built-in soundbar has impressive sound quality
  • Ultra-short throw for more placement flexibility
  • Industrial grade lamp lasts up to 25,000 hours
  • Smart Android 7.1 system easy to navigate
  • Includes 9 input ports for hooking up all your devices
  • Go ahead and use a streaming stick of some kind
  • Fan noise is apparent
  • Will make you rethink your entire home theatre setup
  • Input lag too high for gaming
  • On-board software doesn’t offer many options

3. Hisense 100L10E

You can achieve home theatre experience in your living room with the best short throw projector Hisense 100L10E. It is a DLP Projector and also includes a laser light source that outputs a brightness of 3000lumens.

It works under both dark and light conditioned environment and HDR compatibility will provide vibrant colors which are compatible with the source and the device. The speakers were built-in in 40W and also with the inclusion of a 60W wireless subwoofer.

It can be projected to a 100” wall according to the image clarity in your living room and even works in high lights. This is suitable for large rooms and can watch your favorite movie with many people. But a projector can perform well when the environment is in a dark condition which means low lights.

Hisense 100L10E is the best short throw projector that is addressed like a laser TV and it displays clearly on a flat surface. It can provide 100” flat panel TV where you watch with your family or a large group of people.

Even though it is convenient to mount on the wall because the screen is very much lighter. This projector is nearly like television which brightens like an LCD or LED TV and projects the screen on the wall easily.

Hisense has the graphic menu which is large on the screen which fills the wall to display as a screen. After selecting a picture for the adjusting purpose it will drop to the bottom and the rest of the menu disappears but it is also relatively large.

The operating level of the remote is very simple and there is also access for Youtube, Netflix, Amazon, and other applications. For the audio purpose, it was embedded with Harmon/Kardon Audio speakers and the sound effects of dbx-v.

For a complete cinematic experience in your living room, you can connect with a wireless subwoofer. There are several options for a cursor-navigation pad with the commands of Alexa voice. So, that you can enjoy your content at any time because it has built-in music and simplified design will allow you to operate easily to switch between all apps and devices.

This will make you take in the enjoyment mode on-demand with all quality standards to entertain.

This Hisense 100L10E Projector is served like 4K Laser TV and it pretends to use as a living room TV. To operate as a Theatre mode a 3D LUT with the availability of software like SpectraCal’s Calman. For a theatre picture, it also has an SDR grayscale for a fair and clarity video.

For safety purposes, Hisense 100L10E is equipped with a safety sensor with usability of class 2 lasers which are approved for the use of the household.

Hisense 100L10E is completely enhanced with the quality like a television and the output will create color in wide gamut because of dual blue and red lasers. It has the capacity of producing very high lumens with the allowance of convenient angles to display. It delivers a smooth in detail visuals of photos or videos with an ultra HD resolution.


  • The Hisense 4K UHD Smart Laser TV with Wide Color Gamut features a dual-color laser that displays a cinema-like picture full of rich, vibrant and true-to-life colors.
  • This 100-inch ‘panel-less’ 4K Ultra HD Smart Laser TV is a masterful combination of movie-theater technology, elegant aesthetics, and a simple table-top setup.
  • The Laser TV delivers 3000 lumens, HDR, Wide Color Gamut, a UHD Upscaler to bring your content to near 4K quality, Wi-Fi, popular music and movie apps (such as Netflix) and many more features to enjoy for an incredible and premium viewing experience.
  • Excellent picture quality
  • Good Sound
  • Good customer service
  • No Cons

4. Optoma GT5600

If you want to set up a home entertainment system we have to look onto the sound system, television, games, etc. To experience better than ever before on a large screen with a projector then Optoma GT5600 is the best short throw projector with high lumens.

Optoma GT5600 Projector is not only a home projector but also an extraordinary projector for gaming and all types of entertainment purposes. You can get this product easily because it is so affordable and a very quick set up system to your home as you can right enjoy now! It has a lumen of 3600 and a contrast ratio of 20,000:1 which is perfect to enjoy the films and gaming.

The output with Optoma GT5600 will be crystal clear image of 1080p with brightness. The most impressive part is a 16-watt speaker to get clear sounds with crisp audio, especially for gaming. For your video presentation, the analog audio input and output will ensure it which displays on the screen.

It was included with a USB Wi-Fi adapter where there is a possibility of wireless presentation. It can control Ethernet, RS-232, or also with the inclusion of IR remote control.

Optoma GT5600 will automatically optimize the picture and this will suitable for any type of surface to present the stunning visuals. It has a port of USB cable to connect your IOS and Android phones to experience gaming with a large screen.

To see everyone your gaming, Optoma GT5600 has HDCast Pro which will provide a wireless screen mirroring with any type of device. This is because you can easily broadcast the gaming which is visible to any group of people.

To avoid the shadow of people walking in front of the screen, it has an ultra-short throw of range 0.25:1. As this will allows you to the projector from 6” to 9”.

We know that a projector must be supported by all types of devices to connect and like this Optoma Gt5600 is also supported many other devices. Because it has a composite video with two HDMI supports and VGA. This VGA will permit you to daisy-chain image to display on another projector.

With Optoma GT5600 Projector you can experience a theatre mode at your home because it has a short throw lens. So, it projects an impressive image of 100” which is away from the flat surface on screen with less than just 30cm.

To reduce the installation time and set up, the Optoma GT5600 Projector allows us to place it closer to the wall. By this, it will avoid the need for lengthy cables for fixing at your home. The weight of the projector is less than 4kg and also has a very simple and lighter design.

This simple and lighter design will help us to handle and fix it at our home very easily. For a perfect picture, it has to adjust the facility to each corner of the image and avoids any distorted or crooked images also. Due to the 2D vertical and horizontal keystone, you can adjust the screen to get the exact shape of the image.


  • Bright 3,600 lumens and 20,000:1 contrast ratio produce razor-sharp images.
  • USB display screen mirroring with iOS and Android devices.
  • Wireless presentations and images with HDCast Pro (USB Wi-Fi adapter included).
  • PC-free USB image viewer and office document reader.
  • Auto keystone and four corner correction for quick, trouble-free setup.
  • Easy place and play large screen entertainment experience.


  • Wireless connectivity
  • Document reader
  • Great for streaming
  • On the heavier side at 8.7 lbs (3.95 kg).
  • Some reports of a light border around the edge of the picture

5. Ricoh PJ WX4130

Ricoh PJ WX4130 is the best short throw projector that delivers full-size and high-quality images or videos. These kinds of projectors are used to conduct meetings anytime you want to project when placed on the surface or wall.

To deliver shadow-free image protection this projector is specifically engineered with an upright design even in environments like space restricted. For business settings and classroom teachings, Ricoh PJ WX4130 is very suitable as this superior to offer pure image clarity.

This projector is very portable having a sleek and lightweight design that is used for the presentations when the conference room is limited in size. So, you can manage the content in the form of presentations with rich features. And these are integrated with your network seamlessly.

Ricoh PJ WX4130 is the best short throw projector in delivering good quality images with sharp and accurate display size. It can accept the size on the wall from 48 to 80” to display in any kind of room.

The brightness is with a range of at least 2500 lumens having a resolution of 1280 x 800 without any distraction of noise, shadows from your presentation. It can project to view 3D images with unique DLP link technology by using the glasses of 3D.

This projector can produce a clear video with the built-in speakers of 2W even to work in small rooms even also in large corporate rooms, retail environments, and other tradeshows. You can highlight the specific moments during your presentation by freezing the action or mute the sound.

This type of facility will help the people to interact when the presentation is going on. With this, you can create a virtual meeting by synchronizing with any type of device easily with a Wi-Fi connection.

The transportation of the Ricoh PJ WX4130 Projector is very simple and easy because it can be carried by your hand from room to room. There is no necessity of permanent mount as there is no need for a tabletop installation set up.

Like other projectors, this projector is also having an automatic Keystone Image Adjustment feature which ensures optimal clarity of the image. When the projector is placed on an angle for squared images, this projector can correct for itself to display accordingly.

The Auto set feature will help in presenting the office meetings and conferences with good image HD quality display by automatic adjustments in any kind of space. By activating key lock function, you can easily avoid mistakes during the presentations.

So, you can protect the integrity of business meetings and presentations. This device also had a facility to limit the access of the user by setting passwords. It has the image protection performance with 3000 hours of long-lasting lamp life.

This projector has a USB port and this feature will help you to present even without any desktop. You have saved your presentation in any pen drive and connect it directly before the presentation begins. It has an optical technology that improves the efficiency of the brightness and reduces the noise. There is also in the improvement of the user environment in terms of energy and resource-saving.


  • PC 3D Ready
  • Short-Throw
  • Closed Captioning
  • Blackboard Mode
  • This ultra-short-throw projector makes it easy to conduct meetings almost anywhere at any time.
  • Blackboard Mode, Carbon Meter, Key Lock, Mute Carbon Meter, Closed Captioning, Economy Mode, Freeze (Blank Screen), Resize (Magnify), User Logo, Zoom: 80-100%
  • Projector has both wired wireless LAN connectivity, Can project a 80 inch diagonal image from just 9.8 inches from the screen, Is ultrashortthrow yet does not have a large lens protruding from the projector that can be damaged during transport.
  • Ultra-short throw, Remarkably small and light, High-quality data image, Good video quality for a data projector.
  • Ultra short throw; compact; handy autofocus function; network sharing; built-in WiFi capability.
  • Color reproduction was not as good as most DLP projectors on the market, The image was a little more pixelated than most projectors in its class, Lamp life is only average at 3000 hours, Projector will require maintenance over time compared to LED project.
  • Shows rainbow artifacts (although less often than with many DLP projectors).
  • Heavy; pricey.

6. LG Electronics HF85JA

Watching television on a big screen is everyone’s dream. So, today we have many projectors to connect to experience like a theatre mode. For every home, short-throw projectors are very suitable to watch movies, shows, videos, or images with high quality.

If you are the one among those people, then here it is a projector which is LG Electronics HF85JA. It is the projector to display on the flat screen with a range of 90” to 120” picture with good quality. To experience a theatre screen at your home LG Electronics HF85JA is the best short throw projector.

This takes a little more space which helps to deliver a nice big screen like a theatre. The main advantage of this projector when compared to other projectors is it can directly be connected to the antenna as it has a built-in tuner.

This is a small package of television with an output of full HD quality of TV 1920×1080 resolution like a smart TV. It is compatible with web searching, photo slide shows, music, and video playback, and also to view various formats of file with USB inputs.

It has the capability of telecasting with any type of devices like computers, mobile phones as it is a wireless and Bluetooth connective projector. In internal, it has 3-watt built-in speakers which are adequate for small rooms. This projector also equipped with Bluetooth audio output which avoids the cable and also having to proceed with any other external audio speakers.

Because of the laser light source in LG Electronics HF85JA, it not only gives a clear diagonal picture but also to view for 20,000 hours. It has a magic remote which is a handy feature that placed the cursor on the display like a computer to operate.

While considering the picture quality, it has a smooth visual experience with uniformity of 81% brightness. This is sufficient to view in a dark room with the minimum contrast levels. The adjustment of temperature from cool to medium and warm to natural is effective.

It has the availability of six different modes of the picture to experience like a cinema theatre mode. But it exhibits very few rainbow crafts and high in contrast like other DLP projectors.

When we talk about the color modes, the brightness is about 68% of its white brightness as there are no practical adjustments for brightness. Most of the projector’s fan noise will be slow and this is also low. Because of the eco mode, the brightness will be reduced to 25% and there is no extension of illumination life.

In all modes, the measured lag time of input is 58seconds and the laser light will live for 20,000 hours.  The set up of this short-throw projector is easy and it is better to project with ceiled-mounted. It must be located one foot above the screen and an extension tube is needed if it is not near the screen.

The major advantage of this projector is can be placed and positioned right under the ceiling. The weight of the LG Electronics HF85JA 7LBS and can project on the smooth white flat surfaced wall.


  • LG Smart TV (WebOS 3.0)
  • Wireless Connection
  • Bluetooth sound out
  • Up to 1,500 lumens
  • 20,000 hr Lamp life
  • 4 Corner keystone
  • Movie, Music, Photo, File viewer thru USB
  • HDMI, USB, S/PDIF (Optical)
  • Easy to get a huge, crisp image
  • LED light engine runs quietly and cool
  • 20,000 hour laser lamp lifespan means plenty of viewing time
  • Large 90 to 120-inch display screen is better than other similar products
  • Made for a home theatre experience.
  • Integrated Bluetooth support
  • Poor built-in sound
  • Limited 720p resolution
  • Pricier than other options
  • May have more features than actually needed.
  • AV sync issues when smartphone mirror casting

7. Optoma CinemaX Pro

Optoma CinemaX Pro Projector is the best short throw projector that can easily fit for home theatres with cinematic mode. It displays the output with 4K UHD with 3500 Lumens as this was a space-saving projector. This projector works with high performance because of the glass lens present in it.

It has an adjustment of 81 point image warping which ensures an easy huge screen. This can be easily adapted for the installation process according to the room environment and space. For a bright color and stunning picture quality, it provides a wide color gamut with a support of contrast ratio 2,500,000:1. The image or video can be displayed with deeper levels of black and brighter whites.

Optoma CimemaX Pro is integrated with a Dolby digital soundbar of 2.0 with aluminum drivers of the full range. It also includes porters, two woofers, and isolated chambers to connect any type of device.

Optoma CimemaX Pro will generate the power capacity of range 40watts and it was engineered by NuForce. This projector can be controlled by the smart voices of digital mobiles like Alexa or Siri. It will support the control functions of volume level, power on or off input selection, changes in the images, and USB media playback.

This projector has control over Google Assistant because it has the compatibility of Google Action Voice. Even it also involves operating the functions of power on or off, USB media player playback, input selection, volume level, and many more.

Optoma CinemaX Pro is completely having a DLP technology that offers digital projection as this an appropriate technology to display quality images on the wall or screen surface. This technology was developed from the Texas instruments by providing a higher contrast, faster response time.

This projector has no color degradation virtually but having a good quality pixel structure. It has access to the pure motion which works in 2D and optimized for 1080p images.

For any 3D source, it displays true 3D content also 3D Blu-ray disc players and also broadcast 3D gaming. But to adapt to experience this, you need a DLP to link 3D glasses. Even Optoma CinemaX Pro supports rapid-refresh of 144HZ to provide smooth and high-quality images or videos.

This projector has the feature of dynamic black technology which helps in the adjustments of image and this will create a contrast ratio. The scenes or images will appear brighter and clearer even the black scenes also visible in detail.

By using sophisticated frame-interpolation technology, it will avoid the blur and fewer quality images and improves the image sharpness. This displays deeper black levels and brighter whites because of the High Dynamic Range.

It also accepts signals of HDR10 for the different color picture modes like Normal, Film, Detail, and Bright. Because of the DCI-P3 wide color gamut coverage, we can see the images in the cinematic mode and the games to play also display like a theatre film. Optoma CinemaX Pro has an integrated 4K UHD HDR USB media player which is used for the support of office documents and PDF files.


  • Contrast: Up to 2,500,000 with Dynamic Black enabled
  • NuForce 40W Dolby Digital 2.0 soundbar with 2 full-range drivers, 2 woofers and isolated and ported chambers
  • Smart+ technology enable Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and IFTTT support for easy integration into your smart home
  • 4K UHD HDR
  • Image warping with 81 points provides easy distortion and alignment correction.
  • Very bright
  • Good contrast and color accuracy
  • Excellent sound system
  • Poor streaming apps
  • Slightly tricky setup


If you love to watch movies, serials on your television and want to experience on a large screen like theatre or any multiplex? Then the short throw projectors are most suitable for your home. These short throw projectors are completely different from other types of projectors families.

Because these provide a brighter picture and also find a completely accurate display picture. The above-mentioned list is complete the list of best short throw projectors that are apt as a home theatre mode. Each of them has its specialty which is suitable according to the room and environment to maintain it.

For even projecting purposes, we use it according to that projector. The list is the inclusions of short throw range which can be adapted for limited people with high-quality projection display.

These are the perfect short throw or ultra-short throw projectors which is useful for small learning spaces, simple and small conference rooms, etc. Also, it can be used for different types of business meetings and trade shows where you can gain big attention and involve everyone with great interaction purposes.

The best short throw projectors are not replaceable for home theatre system mode especially suitable for dark rooms. It is possible to adjust the settings during the presentations.

There will be no distractions with best short throw projectors and also for ultra short throw projectors. In the projection market, best short throw projectors are playing a key role, particularly which are having digital technology required with decent advancements.

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