Top 7 Best Softball Gloves for Infielder 2021

Best Softball Gloves for Infielder 2021: Softball is one of the most fun games. This game is being played since 1887. The George Hancock, who was a Chicago reporter in the Board of Trade, has invented “indoor baseball”. By the small time of even less than a year, this game has been spread in the entire world. At first people were use to call this game as mush ball, kitten ball or indoor baseball. Then in 1920s finally it’s got the name of “Softball”.

As we all know this game is totally on catching the ball. So if we count on players role, catching is the vital role every player has to play in order to play well as well as to win the game.

Catching is the only paramount in the game of softball so it has to be done. No matter in what position you play in the game. Be it infield or outfield, whether you are the first baseman or the catcher.

So in this case you need the best softball gloves to play well and perform your best to win. Even losing a single catch can be a reason of losing the entire game. It can make a huge difference. The question can arise of losing and winning by missing just a single catch.

Having a great glove can be the reason of your winning. In order to win it is must for you to find the best softball gloves as per the role which you are going to play in a game. We are here to guide you buying the best softball gloves for infielder in case you are the beginner and going to buy the gloves for the first time.

To win the game using the best softball gloves we have picked out some of the best gloves for you in the article along with the require information about each gloves with their feature, pros and cons etc.

We did a hell lot of research just for you so that you can find the right fit for your game according to your positions in the game.

We have shared all the necessary information which you are going to need in buying your best softball gloves for infielder. We did have discussed about the various types of softball gloves, did have mentioned the process of buying the softball gloves too.

If you are looking for the medium budget gloves or high budget gloves, be it high quality leather or just a synthetic, it’s always better to find the one which are designed as per your position in the game which stays and just hugs hand throughout the game.

So now we are going to discuss about the gloves basic which you should keep in mind while buying the gloves. First thing first. Left hand throw (LFT) glow are actually worn in right in case the player is leftie. And vice versa RFT are worn in the left hand. Manufactures of these gloves has produce for of type of people (righties as well as lefties).

Let’s discuss few factors to keep in mind while buying a best softball gloves for infielder.

  • Size:

This is one the most vital elements when you go for buying the best s softball glove for infielder because if the size will not perfect you are going to perform well. Even if the glove will be too tied, it will become hard for you to play with comfort. Therefore a perfect size of glove is a must.

The sizes of gloves are measured in inches. The measurement starts from tip of the index finger slot to the end of the glove to wrist. Wrist is referred as a heel. The measuring technique of every other type of glove is different.

But whatever is your position and whichever glove you are buying the perfect fit of glove is a must which just hugs your hand. A well fitted glove will make your pocket to hold a ball securely when you must be fielding or catching.

Too loose glove will just move around your hand and won’t let you concentrate playing well.

  • Back:

There are two types of mitt gloves either they are closed or open. Let’s understand a bit about these type of gloves. So open glove will show the top wrist area for providing a little large range of movement to your hand. These types of gloves are usually used by infielder’s players.

A closed glove allows more wrist support for laser beam line drives. Even a few times closed back gloves provides a finger slot to the index finger which is preferable by most of the players. This type of closed gloves is major used by the outfielders.

  • Material:

Another major factor you need to keep in mind while buying a best softball gloves for infielder is its material. It won’t matter whether you are going to buy an expensive leather one or just the synthetic one. If you buy a leather material glove than will be a bit expensive and made with the top grade leather. It will become little premium to use it. As leather gloves stick really well on the players hand which allows it to stay long without any slip.

Leather gloves are behavior is similar to the wine as old its age the better result they give. If you are buying those synthetic gloves which be less expensive. But let me tell you it’s the best choice of the gloves if you have just started playing this softball game. In affect the one who is not more competitive can also use these synthetic gloves.

  • Web:

Web is usually used to pronounce the “Pocket” which is a catching area of the glove. Glove manufacturers have provided with approx all kind of fancy webbing designs. But the main part is they are divided into two categories. Which are the open web mitt which incorporates an “I” or “H” design with leather to the rest of mitt with leather lacing.

These are majorly preferred by the infielders as it helps to transfer the ball quickly. The other category is of closed web mitts where there is all one solid piece across which allow players with more rigid area of catching.

Major player go for an open back which help them track down the ball from the way into the mitt on the other hand players such as pitchers will use a closed web design gloves in order to protect the grips from the opposite team.

These were the important factors which are must to fulfill in order to play well and win the game of softball.

Now let’s discuss about the best softball gloves for infielder. Continue reading this will help you buying your right fit as per your position in the game.

Top 7 Best Softball Gloves for Infielder 2021

ImageProduct NamePrice
Mizuno-GPP1150Y1-Youth-Prospect-Ball-GloveMizuno GPP1150Y1 Youth Prospect Ball Glove Check Price
Louisville-Slugger-33-Inch-FG-M2-Softball-Catcher’s-MittLouisville Slugger 33 Inch FG M2 Softball Catcher’s Mitt Check Price
Rawlings-Liberty-Advanced-Softball-Glove-SeriesRawlings Liberty Advanced Softball Glove Series Check Price
Mizuno-MVP-Prime-Fastpitch-Softball-Glove-SeriesMizuno MVP Prime Fastpitch Softball Glove Series Check Price
Shoeless-Joe-11-3/4″-Fast-Pitch-H-Web-Baseball-GloveShoeless Joe 11 3/4″ Fast Pitch H Web Baseball Glove Check Price
Wilson-A2000-Fastpitch-Glove-SeriesWilson A2000 Fastpitch Glove Series Check Price
Franklin-Sports-Softball-Glove-–-Left-and-Right-Handed-Softball-Fielding-Glove-Franklin Sports Softball Glove – Left and Right Handed Softball Fielding Glove Check Price


Mizuno GPP1150Y1 Youth Prospect Ball Glove

Mizuno is been well known for its exceptional products manufacturing. They manufacture the sporting goods with great quality. They keep the entire players requirement in mind while manufacturing their sports goods.

If you are a youth and looking for the best fit to play the softball game than we must say this especially for you. We are sure you will not be disappointed with these gloves. It has this unique patented power close design which allows you to catch easily. Its power lock closure system makes sure it fits well and helps you perform the best. The measurement of this glove is 11.5 inches in size which is I guess the best one for the youth player. This size is pretty enough to catch the ball and securely hold the ball.

It got really great reviews from the one those who have bought it and are performing really well.

It has everything which satisfies your entire requirement as a youth player. It has advanced features which provide comfort, protection and stability to the youth player which is the best thing while you are learning to be a successful player.

It has para shock palm pad which provides more security to the player’s hand. This pad reduces the rebound and minimizes the shock to the player’s hand. This way it will not cause any brunt to the player’s hand.


  • 11.50 Inch Pattern
  • ParaShock Palm Pad – Outstanding Protection Through Less Rebound and Less Shock
  • Patented PowerClose Technology and V-Flex Notch Make Catching Easier
  • Tartan Flex Web
  • Utility Model
  • PowerLock Adjustable Wrist Strap – Provides the Quickest and Most Secure Fit Available
  • Closed Back
  • Youth Model – Smaller Hand Openings and Finger Stalls for Ideal Youth Fit


  • The glove is really soft and comfortable to use
  • Just a perfect glove for young beginners (9 to 10 year old)
  • Performance improvement assured
  • Very durable and lasts long
  • Incorporation of Heel-flex Technology helps improve glove flexibility
  • Player’s hand is well protected
  • Might hand an extended break-in period due to the texture of its leather material
  • Has nothing to deal with hand moisture and perspiration


Louisville Slugger 33 Inch FG M2 Softball Catcher’s Mitt

In the game of softball all the position needs skills. But if we consider the position of catcher which is a bit difficult. As a catcher has stay alert all the time in the game. The player has to catch fast moving balls, it have to move quickly in order to catch the ball and always have to pay attention everywhere as ball can be thrown from any side at any time.

To perform really well in the game, the player must have the best mitt. Without one the player cannot perform well and this can make huge impact on the entire game.

You need a mitt with the high quality material which has such features that enhance your skills and allows you perform well. You the mitt which is of your size and it can pass it from your mitt to your hand as fast as possible.

So as per our research we have got this Louisville Slugger 33 Inch FG M2 Softball Catcher’s Mitt for you which actually the best one in the market. Though they are made with very high quality materials and have got many ravishing review from the users of these mitt. There for we are sure you are not going to regret this buy.

This Louisville Slugger 33 Inch FG M2 Softball Catcher’s Mitt was designed by Louisville Slugger for an Olympic gold medalist named Jessica Mendoza who is all American softball player. So this are the gloves designed for a champion athlete which you are going to buy is the right fit for you.

These mitts are manufactured to catch the fastest pitches which have ability to handle the speed along with the hand protection.

It is made with the high quality cowhide leather. Its Velcro strap closure design makes it more stable and make it quickly adjustable which helps you staying alert all the time.

We are sure with this mitt you are going to gear up with a lot of confidence.


  • Genuine Cowhide Leather
  • Deep Pockets
  • Narrow Finger Stalls
  • Smaller Wrist Opening
  • 12″ Infield/Outfield Fastpitch Pattern
  • Closed Back with Velcro Strap
  • Checkmate Web
  • One Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Item is new old stock and may have discoloring



  • Affordable pricing
  • Perfect for transitioning youth ball players
  • Bruise-Gard padding
  • Oil-treated cowhide leather
  • Small size variations (+,- 1 inch) from manufacturer


Rawlings Liberty Advanced Softball Glove Series

Our third pick in the series of best softball gloves for infielder is Rawlings Liberty Advanced Softball Glove. Rawlings is a well-known brand for the sports products it manufactures. It is famous because of its quality and great material. It provides solidness and sturdiness in its entire range of softball glove.

They deliver high performing. They are the most likely brand amongst the players as they don’t compromise in quality.

Mainly it is known for its size. They provide perfect size gloves especially for the ladies. The Rawlings Liberty Advanced Softball Glove Series is manufactured using a full-grain calfskin which is well known for its sturdiness. This organization does 80% of break-in before conveying the product. That is why the product is listed as the best fast pitch softball glove.

The size of these gloves is 12 inch yet it additionally has 12.5 inch model too which makes them perfect for female infield player. It does have movable non-slip Liberty Advanced which makes it modifying as per the requirement.

This gloves gives all the comfort and control to the female hand with which you can perform really well and achieve your target in the game of softball.


  • Limited Edition Color Series
  • Specifically Developed for Female Player
  • Full-Grain Oil-Treated Leather Shell
  • Poron XRD Palm & Finger Pads
  • All-Leather Laces
  • Balanced Patterns
  • Adjustable, Non-Slip Pull Back Strap
  • 80% Factory Break-In
  • 13″ Infield/Outfield Pattern
  • H-Web
  • Oil-treated
  • USA tanned leather
  • Professional-grade laces
  • Poron XRD Palm Pad and Finger Pads
  • Adjustable-strap opening
  • Sized for female hands
  • Deep pocket



  • Durable, long lasting leather quality
  • Palm and finger padding to reduce sting in the palm
  • Easily adjusted for the perfect fit
  • Slightly heavy
  • Gets dirty quite easily due to all white colorway
  • Deep pocket makes quick transfers a bit difficult


Mizuno MVP Prime Fastpitch Softball Glove Series

Best Softball Gloves for Infielder 2021

Mizuno MVP Prime Fastpitch Softball Glove Series are the best choice for the one who is now looking forward to the game and want to become a pro. It is having center pocket design pattern and it is manufactured with the soft leather which make is more comfortable and durable in use. The Mizuno MVP Prime Fastpitch Softball Glove Series are having these patent-pending Heel Flex technologies which make the gloves more flexible on the field in terms of performance.

The size of these gloves is 13 inch also there are used by any position player in the game of softball.

Amongst the other gloves this one is super comfortable as it is made with soft leather which makes it even more convenient to use.

There is much padding around the area of heel and palm which makes the gloves more comfortable.


  • Designed specifically for female softball players
  • Crafted from professional style, smooth Bio Soft leather
  • Pocket centered under index finger for ideal break-in
  • Professional level laces add durability and stability
  • Palm pad absorbs ball impact for less sting
  • Size: 12″
  • Web Pattern: Tartan
  • Position: Infield/Pitcher
  • Back: Open
  • Suggested for ages 11 and up (may vary depending on player’s size)


  • Sizing makes it viable for any position on the field
  • High levels of comfort and stability
  • Sleek black and smoke grey colorway
  • Quick and easy break in
  • Can get floppy and lose its shape after heavy use
  • Lacks some padding in the palm area


Shoeless Joe 11 3/4″ Fast Pitch H Web Baseball Glove

Best Softball Gloves for Infielder 2021

Next in the list of best softball gloves for infielder id Shoeless Joe 11 3/4″ Fast Pitch H Web Baseball Glove. These gloves are top rated in the fast pitch. These gloves are a right fit for the player as it provides required comfort along with the style and quality. These have such style which is utilized by expert athlete in course since 100 recent years.

These are hand-cut and sewn from special aged antique tobacco leather hides. These gloves are hand scoured with classic fixing to relax leather.

Every glove is structured with its own kind of element which makes these gloves as best featured gloves for softball game.


  • Individually hand-cut and sewn, keeps it’s shape and structure for many seasons.
  • “Field Ready” Shoeless Joe Gloves require little or no break in time.
  • Made from 100% Antique Tobacco Tanned cowhide & hand rubbed with old time ingredients to soften the leather.
  • Shoeless Joe Ball Gloves have that “Game Worn” look but are designed and ready to take to the field at any level of play.



  • Weave Web
  • Optimum design for Fast Pitch Softball
  • Custom-Made by Hand
  • Highest Quality Materials
  • It may not fit some players
  • The closed back does annoy some people


Wilson A2000 Fastpitch Glove Series

Best Softball Gloves for Infielder 2021

Wilson is one of the best companies who provide high quality fastpitch gloves. What makes it so likely is they are pressed with the highlights and they can fit to models of every single distinctive player.

Its size is 11.5 inch which also includes solitary post 3x web. This is basically loved by a third-basemen which can be used by any infield position player.

It is manufactured using a super skin cowhide which makes it more lighter in weight. Also they are made with smooth white and dark colorway. This is why they are added as the favorite softball gloves into the list.

This cowhide gives the glows sturdiness which makes it tough in use and makes it long last.

These gloves are definitely going to make to achieve your goal in the game of softball.


  • SuperSkin
  • Pro Stock Leather
  • Pro Stock Patterns
  • Dual Welting
  • Breathable Dri-Lex Wrist Lining
  • 2x Lacing at Base of Web
  • 12″ Infield/Outfield Pattern
  • Pro H-Web



  • Extremely light
  • Durable, long lasting leather quality
  • Lots of padding to reduce sting
  • Easy to shape once broken in
  • Very stiff right out of the wrapper
  • Can take quite a bit of work to break in


Franklin Sports Softball Glove – Left and Right Handed Softball Fielding Glove

Best Softball Gloves for Infielder 2021

The last glove in the list is Franklin Sports Softball Glove – Left and Right Handed Softball Fielding Glove. They are extraordinary great as compared to the other when it comes to the gloves for youth players. These are extra light weight which encourages them to perform well and makes them feel familiar with its utilization.

They have incredible mix of quality and sturdiness in the gloves. They have flexible wrist, work plan, overlaid palm etc which you get along with buying Franklin Sports Softball Glove – Left and Right Handed Softball Fielding Glove.

It does has two shades variations which make it more eye catchy. The approx. size of the gloves is 11inch which is perfect for the youth players who are under the of eight years. These gloves are for both handed users right and left. These gloves are really good with palm. There are less chances of getting hurt.

These gloves are for both of the players infield and outfield.


  • LIGHTWEIGHT MESH DESIGN: Constructed from lightweight technical mesh, this glove gives maximum comfort and helps facilitate quick hands out in the field
  • ADJUSTABLE WRIST: Designed with an adjustable wrist closure to ensure a comfortable customized fit for all players
  • SOFT POCKET: The soft pocket material is designed for a quick, easy break in process and provides a dynamic, responsive feel when catching the ball
  • GREAT FOR YOUNG PLAYERS: Adjustable sizing and comfortable fit make this glove perfect for softball players of all ages
  • NOTE: Left Hand Thrower glove = worn on right hand to throw with left; Right Hand Throw = glove worn on left hand to throw with right


  • Lightweight, technical mesh designed shell
  • Soft PU-Laminated Construction
  • Adjustable wrist closure provides for a custom fit
  • General durability.

Frequently Asked Question:

  1. How to find the right size glove?

Once you know at what position you are going to play it will become easy for you to find the right gloves.  Usually infielders will use smaller gloves as they have to quickly transfer the ball. While out fielders use the longer glove with a bigger web as they have to catch the ball.

The glove size for infielders is between 11.5 to 12.5 inches where outfielders glove size will be between 12.5 to 15 inches. For more information do read the above article.

  1. Are softball gloves bigger than baseball gloves?

Usually the length of softball gloves are similar to the length of baseball gloves. The major difference between them is of sizes and the size of pocket. Baseballs are 9-inches and softballs are 11-12-inches, therefore, the pocket of softball gloves are going to be bigger and deeper than that of a baseball glove. Also Check Best Bowling Ball For Hook Beginners 2021


We hope the search of yours for buying best softball gloves for infielder ends here. We are sure you have definitely found something for yourself as we have researched very much and has found the above mentioned gloves for you which will suit all the requirement of you. Also these gloves are of top quality so it will last long. They are famous and well know gloves which are even use by the gold medalist players of softball.

Our objective behind this article was to help you out in buying the best softball gloves for infielder. We have mentioned all the information and guide for you which make your buying experience simpler.

That’s all. We have mentioned most of the quality products for you, you are free to choose whichever you want as per you requirement and also make sure to select the one which suits you well and fits you well. Because every glove has It own different size so select as per yours. Thank you!!

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