Top 6 Best Wi-Fi Router Under 150

Best Wi-Fi Router Under 150: Nowadays people are love to live in a smarter world and technology has been developed to live smarter with one touch. Yes, we have smartphones, Smart Ac’s, Smart TVs for our lives to make it easier to live. Our lives are involved with different types of gadgets like computers, smart televisions, gaming consoles.

These smart appliances work with a high internet connection which is a Wi-Fi router. Finding an extraordinary Wi-Fi router is a difficult task but we are here providing the list of Wi-Fi routers that are best to your home. This wireless system will works a lot for all smart appliances when it is connected through the internet.

Even this will also use to connect to the kitchen appliances which is like a smart microwave etc. So, you can enjoy music or podcasts when you’re supposed to work in the kitchen.

The advantage of a wireless internet connection is you can connect it to the electrical system. When you enter the room and switch on the lights by operating through your devices like phones or tablets. Even you can manage to control the Air Condition of the room when you enter into your room.

The routers have a separate role while in operating and controlling smart devices and it is also easy to operate any kind of appliance or device with these routers. A good Wi-Fi router will give you a great speed of the internet which can manage your home works very easily. The Wi-Fi routers are not only for home purposes but also for schools, colleges, offices, etc.

The main reason why you need a Wi-Fi router to your home or office or school is we have multiple users and only one internet connection. So, this router will give accesses to all the users or devices to connect the internet easily. We can manage many works and some people like to play games through the internet connection.

We live in the same home or office but the need for each person is different. Some like to spend watching movies, some people like gaming, some need to the web portals for the project work, etc. Many people and multiple things to do with the Wi-Fi router. So, one internet connection is used to work on all these types and it will happen with a router.

If you want to connect the internet more than on systems like Television, mobile phones, systems, tablets, laptops, etc. router is compulsory to work on every device. There are two types of hardware systems that are necessary to connect the internet to your home and they are routers and modems.

Modems can be connected directly to a system with the help of a cable but are useless. But the wireless router is very important to your home and office or schools. All we need is a good router with a good internet connection. The speed of the internet and the bandwidth limits are completely depending on the internet service provider.

It did not depend on the router. Here, are some of the lists of the best routers with the latest technologies which are easy to set up.

Top 6 Best Wi-Fi Router Under 150

ImageProduct NamePrice
NETGEAR-R6700NETGEAR R6700 Check Price On Amazon
Linksys-AC1750Linksys AC1750 Check Price On Amazon
ASUS-AC1900ASUS AC1900 Check Price On Amazon
NETGEAR-AC1000-Dual-Band-Smart-WiFi-Router-R6080NETGEAR AC1000 Dual Band Smart WiFi Router R6080 Check Price On Amazon
Linksys-EA6350Linksys EA6350 Check Price On Amazon
ASUS-RT-ACRH13ASUS RT-ACRH13 Check Price On Amazon

1. NETGEAR R6700

Netgear R6700 is the best Wi-Fi Router Under 150 which is a perfect solution for houses, offices, schools, etc. If you are frustrated with the slow network in your house then this a suitable router to work the internet with more speed. With this router, you can do anything like watching live movies, play games, or streaming any kind of live video, etc.

This provides high-speed internet without any lags and buffering to your video. It can support any type of activities that you used over the internet because it was equipped with a powerful dual-core processor and 1750 Mbps is its lightning speed. Netgear R6700 will provides a wide range of features like external antennas and Beamforming+.

You have the facility of voice commands so that you can control the router when it is connected to the Google Home. In addition to this, there is a feature that you can manage with some parental controls of the content and time.

For the security purposes of the router, it has features to remain secure your data or information. There are many benefits of using Netgear R6700 as you can enjoy the speed of the internet without any lag. The streaming services with Netgear R6700 is excellent and for the gamers, it is very suitable to play. Because of the dual-core processor, it can work for both wireless and wired connections.

Netgear R6700 is the smart router that can cover all the locations at your home at the same speed. In every corner of your home, it gives an extraordinary connection and delivers an ultimate range. Because of the three external antennas including with high powered amplifiers, the wide range of speed of internet connection to your devices.

Don’t worry about losing the connection because it has the most advanced features with the best technology. You can enjoy the internet connection without any distractions because it reduces different types of interfaces. For the updates of gaming and streaming by QoS upstream and downstream which results in high speed of internet.

The best part of Netgear R6700 is it can share across all types of devices even with instant access to the printer or other devices. It has a USB port of 3.0 which is faster than ten times of 2.0 port which gives access to a USB drive the purpose of data backup. It is very easy for the installation process to any kind of device you want to connect it.

To set up easier, a Nighthawk app is included in it. This provides high security when compared to all other routers so that you can use the internet so safely. It has a VPN, which supports for your security and prevents phishing attacks. Netgear R6700 is perfect for gaming, streaming, mobile use, and other purposes also.

You can experience free gaming and live streaming videos with an excellent speed of the internet. For mobile users, Netgear R6700 will improve the Wi-Fi speed and covers all the corners of your home.


  • NEXT GENERATION WIFI – Gigabit speeds (450+1300 Mbps speeds)
  • PROCESSOR – Powerful dual core 1GHz
  • BEAMFORMING+ – Boosts speed, reliability, and range of Wi-Fi connections on 2.4 and 5GHz bands
  • PRIORITIZED BANDWIDTH – Great for streaming HD videos or music
  • ADVANCED FEATURES – Ideal for lag-free online gaming
  • ANTENNAS – High-powered amplifiers with 3 external antennas
  • SIMULTANEOUS DUAL BAND — Reduces interference for better connections to more Wi-Fi devices
  • TIME MACHINE – Automatic Mac backup to a USB hard drive connected to the router
  • COMPATIBLE – Works with 802.11 a/b/g/n and ac devices
  • NIGHTHAWK APP – Easily set up your router and get more out of your Wi-Fi.
  • PUSH ‘N’ CONNECT – Secure push button Wi-Fi connections (WPS)
  • EASY INSTALL – Easy setup for iPad®, tablets, smartphones & computers
  • ULTIMATE RANGE – Wi-Fi coverage ideal for very large homes
  • GOOGLE ASSISTANT COMPATIBILITY – Now works with Google Assistant to control your home network using voice commands
  • POWER SAVINGS – Wi-Fi and power on/off
  • VPN SUPPORT- Secure access to your home network
  • GUEST NETWORK ACCESS – Separate & secure access for guests
  • PERSONAL FTP SERVER – Customized free URL to create FTP server
  • PARENTAL CONTROLS – Web filtering for all your connected devices
  • SECURE WIFI CONNECTIONS – High level wireless security with WPA/WPA2
  • Great 802.11ac speeds
  • Compelling feature set, including downstream QoS
  • Fast NAS/Storage performance
  • Great for gaming and streaming
  • Two side-by-side networks for better performance
  • It has exceptional Range due to Beam-forming
  • VPN supported
  • Exceedingly large wall wart
  • It has unsatisfactory throughput speeds on the 2GHz band
  • Router firmware is just ok, but it can be upgraded to dd-wrt or tomato if you wish to

2. Linksys AC1750

We need Wi-Fi routers for the best and high-speed internet to use in our homes, offices, schools, etc. Here, it is Linksys AC1750 is the best Wi-Fi Router Under 150 that can stream to 12 devices at a time. With this router, you can stream 4K videos, listen to music, play video games, shop and more functions were included in it.

For the faster downloads of movies or videos, Linksys AC1750 is suitable as it speeds up to 1.9Gbps. Due to MU-MIMO technology in Linksys AC1750 has an uninterrupted Wi-Fi connection to many devices. It can connect easily at every corner of the home at the same speed.

It was included to do with different activities like 4K streaming, online gaming, faster downloads, check emails, shopping, etc. It was powered by a dual-core processor with Next-Gen technology. It does not lag or interrupt the connection when we use this Wi-Fi router to your home. It can manage three different data streams to many Wi-Fi devices.

Linksys AC1750 router is very ideal for household purposes and can connect 12+ devices. Even this is more suitable for business training, teachings for a group of limited people. It can easily connect to tablets, computers, mobile phones, 4K UHD TVs, and other game consoles.

When you connected to multiple devices at the same time it does not disappoints you without interruption of high-speed internet connection. This was offered with 3*3 wireless technology which can deliver faster performance when you are streaming.

For wired connections, Linksys AC1750 has four gigabit Ethernet ports which are included with USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 ports. So, that it can provide high-speed data transmissions to the devices. For homes, it delivers a next-gen AC Wi-Fi with more than 12 devices and it has dual bands with a combined speed connection of about 1.75Gbps.

It can focus on each device of the Wi-Fi signal because of the Beamforming technology. It has a special smart app to monitor the Wi-Fi and control the network with ease. This router has an Ethernet cable, quick start guide, Power adapter, CD-ROM with documentation including with three antennas.

Multiple users can use this router easily as it has high bandwidth at the same time and the same speed. You can stream whatever you want with this Wi-Fi router without lag or buffering problems. For stronger, faster performance to your device, it is delivered with three data streams simultaneously.

The only thing you have to do is just get the router and run it in your home. The setup of this router to your home is very easy and simple. The most important feature of Linksys AC1750 has USB 3.0 port which will let you share the files across many devices 10 times faster than the USB 2.0 port.

Where the 2.0 port of USB will help you out for sharing smaller files and connecting to a printer also. Even it integrates a map which is an overview of your network to check the online status and strength of the signal.


  • Wireless speeds up to 1700 Mbps
  • 4 x Gigabit ports
  • 3×3 AC
  • Seamless Roaming by pairing MAX-STREAM range extenders
  • Smart Connect band-steering support
  • Crazy fast
  • Sleek but friendly management interface
  • Simple setup
  • Can be managed locally or remotely
  • Apps extend feature set
  • Supports 11ac
  • Two USB ports for storage and printers
  • Good-looking
  • Offers lots of cloud-based features
  • Very exensive
  • Less than expected performance at 2,4 GHz band
  • Simple Tap feature did not work
  • Lot of performance and connectivity problems

3. ASUS AC1900

Asus AC1900 router will boost the speed of the internet and work in every corner of your home. So, Asus is the best Wi-Fi router under 150 that deals with every feature that a router requires to work in a home. This router supports dual-band width, AiMesh technology which is to create a seamless and single Wi-Fi network.

It is capable of 1900Mb/s and having the ports like Gigabit Ethernet LAN port and Gigabit Ethernet WAN port. These ports are ideal for game consoles, TV Setup boxes, wired connections to laptops or computers, and another AiMesh router.

To connect the printers, USB devices to the network or storage devices it has two ports which are USB 3.1 Gen 1 and USB 2.0 Type-A ports. To defend from the online threats, it has a service to help you out which is AiProtection Pro. It has some parental controls, where you can manage the kids when to connect the internet. Without any password facility, it can manage up to three guest devices.

With AiMesh technology, the Asus AC1900 router will create a Wi-Fi system to your home with enhanced performance. This technology can create a house-wide network that can be used in any room at the same speed.

This AiMesh technology will focus on the signal strength to your device and for each frequency band, it enables the creation of SSIDs separately. As this happens when it provides a seamless roaming network to your device. So, by this, there is a flexibility of 5 GHz for gaming purposes as well as to a Smart TV.

Asus AC1900 is supported by Ethernet backhaul because of the AiMesh technology which enables the users to create a high network. It just not only provides fast and reliable communication but also for smoother connections for the entire bands of 2.4GHz and 5GHz for wireless devices.

The VPN is enabled and it is ideal for security purposes when you access the network. You can have more fun with this router as this is most favorite for gaming, and also delivers high-performance and lag-free internet. Because of the two ports, you can share files, multimedia as it offers quick content streaming and remote access control.

As the other routers are sandwiched to one another but in this evenly spaced for access at any time. For both wired and wireless connections, QoS optimizes for both inbound and outbound bandwidth. With the help of drag and drop presets of gaming, web browsing, and file transfer applications and tasks are prioritized.

It mainly supports for gaming purposes like PlayStation Vita, Wii U, 3DS, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PS4 Pro, and Xbox One.

Asus AC1900 has an application that is used to set up the router to your home and also manages the network traffic. It can update firmware, diagnose connection issues all without any use of boot up PC. Asus guest network is available which can support three guests by connecting to their devices.

For the safety of kids, you have the opportunity to check the dashboard of what type of content is watching by your kids. This can be done with the help of parental controls. Even there is a possibility to schedule the time for kids to use the internet with this router.


  • Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac)
  • 4 GHz / 5 GHz (Dual-Core)
  • Up to 1900 Mb/s Total Wi-Fi Throughput
  • AiMesh Technology
  • 4 x 10/100/1000 Mb/s Ethernet LAN Ports
  • 1 x 10/100/1000 Mb/s Ethernet WAN Port
  • USB 3.1 Gen 1 & USB 2.0 Type-A Ports
  • AiProtection Pro Security
  • Parental Controls & Guest Network
  • Powerful hardware
  • Strong short and long range wireless performance
  • Affordable
  • Excellent Wi-Fi technology
  • Useful features
  • AiMesh compatible
  • Only one USB 3.0 port
  • Not wall-mountable
  • Not as fast as latest-gen routers
  • AiMesh is a good addition but not as good as dedicated mesh systems

4. NETGEAR AC1000 Dual Band Smart WiFi Router R6080

For your entire home, Netgear AC100 Dual Band Smart Wi-Fi router R6080 is suitable because it offers a high speed internet to your device. This is the best Wi-Fi router under 150 that is wireless with a dual band technology for a smooth performance. It is compatible with next gen Wi-Fi devices and also avoids wireless interference for streaming with excellent quality.

The video streaming with this router is better as it offers up to 300+700 Mbps. So, the sped of the internet will make you have fun and enjoy the games. It will works for any type of device at any place you want at your home. Because of the dual bandwidth technology, it provides the internet with whole home coverage. For the fast downloads of videos, this can be provided up to 100Mbps.

The home is complete with some different kinds of shapes and sizes. This router of dual band Wi-Fi provides the connectivity to every part of your home for all the types of devices. For the large homes also, it will provide a better range throughout your home with many devices at the same time and at the same speed.

After connecting with this AC1000 dual band router you can be connected with your friends, media, and your devices like computers, tablets, devices, mobile phones, etc.

With Netgear AC1000 there is the access of sharing across the network to your beloved ones will make so easy and fun. You can share many photos, videos, or multimedia that were stored in your devices. This is a wireless AC router where you can email, surf, chat, listen to music, watch videos or movies, and other gaming purposes.

This is easy to manage to do more with all the digital devices and also easy to connect as many as devices you want. But there is no compromise in the quality and speed because it can maintain the same speed and quality for all devices. This router is easy to use in Ipad, smartphone, or computer.

It is easy to install to all types of devices including windows also. It has an easy push button N to connect to the devices for Wi-Fi. For better power savings, you have the facility to schedule the power on/off in this router. For your guest devices, Netgear AC1000 Dual Band width will provide security separately. The guests do not have access to your data or information as it has WPA/WPA2 security.

NETGEAR AC1000 Dual Band Smart WiFi Router R6080 is a dual band Wi-Fi connectivity where you can enjoy the internet at any time. You can control the connections with the smart application on your mobile with the Netgear genie app.

From this, you can create wired connections as it has VPN supports including with USB port and Ethernet port. For ultimate connect ability, this router is compatible with next-gen Wi-Fi devices. It produces 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands because of the dual band support including reducing interference and doubling network bandwidth.


  • Upgrade your WiFi to support new AC devices
  • Works with all N150
  • N300
  • N600 and AC devices
  • NETGEAR genie app—Easily manage your home network
  • AC1000 WiFi-300+700 Mbps speeds.
  • Reliable wireless coverage for your entire home.
  • Reliably stream videos, connect smart home devices, play games, and surf the internet on up to 15 devices.
  • Plug in computers, game consoles, streaming players, and other nearby wired devices with 4 x 10/100 Fast Ethernet ports.
  • Avoid wireless interference for smooth, HD streaming.
  • With 5 fast Ethernet ports and 1 USB port for simple, stable wired connections.
  • VPN support keeps unauthorized users away from your network.
  • Compatible with Windows®, Mac and Linux operating systems.
  • The NEATGEAR genie home network app offers easy set up and management of your network from your device, wherever you are.
  • No cons

5. Linksys EA6350

Linksys EA6350 AC1200 router is a wireless router which comprises of AC technology and also works on the software. This is the best Wi-Fi router under 150 that can deliver the next generation for the performance of your home. This router is capable of your home as it is a dual-band smart wireless network.

This is specially engineered for the connectivity for the households only and brings out the speed of the wireless internet connection. With the latest Wi-Fi AC technology, you can get the best port of USB 3.0 including four Gigabit ports also.

But for the different needs, you can experience the leverage of the dual bands which can generate N300mbps and AC86. But it can be done at the same time without any interruption with internet activities.

The EA6350 supports beamforming, which has wireless signals to send directly to each other than over a broad spectrum. This is not a Multi-User Multiple Input or the Multiple Output (MU-MIMO) it is a data streaming. This router is having four Gigabit LAN ports, a single USB 3.0 port, a WAN port, a WPS button, with the inclusion of the Reset button.

The Smart Wi-Fi Web console opens to a Home screen with a list of Smart Wi-Fi Tools and Settings on the left side of the router. The widgets are frequently used settings on the right side of the router. The List page of the router will display all connected devices and their current status. And the Guest Access page is where you go to enable guest networking and set up passwords for those.

The EA6350’s have 5GHz throughout which is the fastest seen from a budget router under $150. It has a speed of 427Mbps in the close-proximity (same-room) which has the speed more than the Netgear AC1200 Wi-Fi Router (R6220) of 331Mbps. The speed of the internet router of Linksys EA6100 (95.1Mbps), and the speed of D-Link DIR-842 (332Mbps).

For 30 feet distance, the EA6350’s score of 199Mbps. The Netgear R6220 scored 104Mbps, the Linksys EA6100 gained 86.6Mbps, and the D-Link DIR-842 is about the speed of 111Mbps.

To test file-transfer speeds, you have to connect a USB drive to the router for the fastest USB port and move a 1.5GB folder containing a mix of music, photo, document files, and video between the drive and a desktop wired to the router. The EA6350’s write score of 21.5MBps was a bit faster than the Netgear R6220 (17.6MBps), but not as the Linksys EA6100 (27.4MBps) speed.

The Linksys EA6350 AC1200+ is a Dual-Band Smart Wi-Fi Wireless Router is an excellent choice for your home. If you don’t require an advanced router this is ideal for smaller homes and apartments. This will deliver very fast 5GHz speed and while it’s 2.4GHz performance didn’t set any records.

This Linksys EA3650 was more than adequate for a router in this price range. Of all the Linksys routers, the EA6350 is very easy to install and manage due to the Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Web console and mobile app.


This router allows you to stream the live video, online games and unlimited internet surfing on multiple devices. Few main features are defined as below-

  • Get Powerful networking
  • Get dual bands with antennas
  • Faster connections with beamforming
  • Gigabit ports for high-performance connections
  • Best WPA/WPA2 security
  • Quick set up process
  • Faster connection speed.
  • Eliminate Dead spots
  • Good performance
  • Network can be managed remotely
  • Allows sharing files using USB Port
  • Version 3 limited alternative Firmware
  • Non-removable antenna


If you need a high-speed internet connection then there are so many devices with different speeds of the internet. But ASUS has distinguished itself as one of the best router manufacturers in the market. The ASUS RT-ACRH13 is one of the best Wi-Fi router under 150 having with some top features.

It was officially released in 2016, and up to now, it continues to satisfy the users what they want. The best thing about this router is it works as well as it looks. The design is stylish and blends with the surroundings and many people love it.

The ASUS RT-ACRH13 is one of the new routers to be released by the Taiwanese company this year, for households. It has a surprise to see an attempt to include some of the latest technologies from the networking world into a rather inexpensive device (the RT-ACRH13 uses the MU-MIMO technology).

ASUS and the other manufacturers only produced high-end routers, with a clear focus on the purposes of large homes and other small businesses.

This router will almost look like the same as the RT-AC66U and the reason has ASUS kept the same case, removed the middle back antenna, and also with the addition of two antennas on the side (high-gain 5dBi). Yes, it has the same black and grey diamond pattern on top (doesn’t retain the fingerprints), the matte finish.

The ASUS logo on the small black band towards the back of the router. After the release of the RT-AC87U, ASUS took inspiration from sports cars to create a fresh design with a dynamic look and also maintaining elements from the previous models. Because of its speed, this router is best suited for people of this era.

It has 5 GHz band offers with a speed of 867 Mbps, and 2.4 GHz having a speed of 400 Mbps. The combined speed of the two bands is 1267 Mbps, which is quite high when compared to other Wi-Fi routers. This feature will allow you to download and upload content from different multiple devices at the same time.

The ASUS router app makes using it so much simpler and easier to operate. The configuration of this router is done via the ASUS app, as it enables to control the activity of the router. You can also use the feature called parental controls while using the ASUS app. With this app, you can even restrict the timing of internet usage.

This is one of the perks that does not come with all routers, even those with similar speeds.

The ASUS RT-ACRH13 is good for the entry-level router, which offers a nice interface with lots of features It is a good looking case even when if it’s not a new design concept, it’s still modern enough.

This has some of the latest technologies implemented and reasonable wireless performance on both the 2.4 and 5 GHz radio bands at a surprisingly low cost. So, if you want to buy an inexpensive router, packed with many features, suitable for home use, then the ASUS RT-ACRH13 is the best choice. we also posted 7 Best Short Throw Projectors Of 2020


  • Ideal for large homes that have bandwidth-hungry devices
  • Speeds up to 400Mbps (2.4GHz) and 867Mbps (5GHz)
  • Simple, quick, and intuitive set up
  • The ASUS RT-ACRH13 is a great router for modern users who want better signal strength.
  • The router comes with so many cool features that it is hard to resist.
  • High speeds
  • Great signal spread
  • High compatibility
  • ASUS router app
  • Easy web-based interface
  • Only 1 USB 3.0 port
  • Hard to set up


Today, the technology is playing an important role in our lives. Yes, the world is evolved with smart technology and became the part of our lives. We supposed to use smart TVs, Smart mobile phones, smart home appliances, computers, laptops, tablets, etc.

But to work all these devices we need an internet connection. When we talk about internet connection to our home, office, school which is having many people or many users. The only solution to reach the internet to every single person is through the router is possible.

This will helps to connect with as many as people for multiple devices. The above are the list of best Wi-Fi router under 150$ which can meet our requirement.

All the above wireless routers are the best in performance wise as it can operate according to the range you want. To increase the overall performance and coverage it can emit radio waves and also provides high speed of internet.

The above list of the wireless routers can be considered with range of the connectivity, connectivity speed, and other important factors are determined. If you place the Wi-Fi router at the middle of the room then it transmits the data in all the directions. So, this will leads in improvement of your accessibility along with the range of connectivity. It should be placed at the corners or dark places. you also can check Best Projector Under 200 in 2020 (Buying Guide)

All these routers are completely depends on the requirement of personal data transmission. You can connect number of devices with all these best Wi-Fi router under 150 which are mentioned.

Each has different features and never disappoints us with their working factors. Only matters of the difference of the wireless routers is range and speed. These two are the main consideration we have to keep in our mind when we purchase a Wi-Fi router to our home, office, school, or any group places.

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